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List of the available Love Consultants :  

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Love and Relationships Advice 

  • Is he or she cheating ?  
  • Are you soul mates ?  
Online Love can provide live consultation by phone, chat or email to answer all your love and relationships questions. 

Advice for Breaking up and Divorce      

  • Is it over with her/him ? 
Sometimes one door closes in order for a better one to open. Find out what new beginnings are coming for you in life with a Love consultation.

Online Advice for Parents and Children    

  • Are you facing some difficulties with your Children and or as Parents ?
It is not always easy to communicate with children, or to understand what they are struggling with on a daily basis. Our love advisors can help solve issues and create closer family bonds. A family is so important and we should always try to enjoy the present moment.

Online advice on Cheating and Affairs    

  • Is he or she cheating on me ?  
  • Is there an affair, or something I should know about my partner ?    
Our onlive Love advisors can help you find out the truth. Chat or send your question by email to have some answers to your love issues.

Online Dating advice and advisor for Singles.    

  • Are you looking for love ? 
Our truthful consultant will do their best to guide you to that perfect match. They can also provide dating tips and more.  Get a love consultancy and find the true Love!  You can also visit the Ebooks and DVD page for more information and love resources.

Advice on Soul mate connections      

  • Is he the one?  
  • Are we destined to be together ?  
  • Is it my Soul Mate ?  
See more clearly about your soul mate and contact a love advisor to get answers to your love connection questions.

Online advice on Marital Life     

  • Should I continue with my marriage or should I divorce ?  
 Your marriage started with a fairy tale beginning, but it is never guaranteed that it will lead to happiness ever after. A love consultant can help you discover the secrets to keeping your marriage healthy, happy, and passionate. Get your Love and life advice.

New age and Spirituality      

  • Are you inspired by new age and spirituality ?

From meditation to inspiration, New Age and spirituality encompasses many roads on the path to enlightenment, prosperity, love and happiness. A New Age consultant can help you with your present and future and help you find lasting love. Heal your body, heart, and soul with a consultation by phone, email or chat. to find more peace, wisdom and joy!  

Online advice on Sex and Intimacy     

  • Are you facing intimacy problems ?
  • Do you have questions about sexuality ?

Intimacy is important and also wonderful. We all desire loving and happy relationships and Intimacy can be the key! :) An online love advisor can help you create deeper connections with your partner. Find that passion and with a sex and intimacy consultation from a love advisor.

Love and Relationships advice for Gay and Lesbian friendly.     

Gay and Lesbian sometimes face different challenges in life. A Love advisor can address any issue like love,money, health, relationships, intimacy and more.