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DVD and Ebook available.

The secrets from over 20 experts on human relations including the legendary Deepak Chopra, the outspoken Marianne Williamson and many other famous Love specialist  so that you can experience Love in a new light of understanding.



The Flirting Formula

Real-life examples of proven techniques, tips and strategies to talk to women and charm them. This system has been specifically designed for guys who want to attract women in these situations. It will help you reach your Goals.

You will learn…

  • How to approach women without fear…
  • How to start conversations with ease…
  • How to keep interesting conversations going…
  • How to avoid awkward silences…
  • What topics to talk about on dates…
  • How to talk on the phone…
  • And how to flirt so that women feel attracted to you



The best creative Dates
Have you ever had a dull date? No more. This ebook features nearly six years worth of creative date nights. Tips on first dates and asking someone out for a date too.


5o Secrets for the best relationships
There are a lot of books on the market that will tell you how to have a good marriage but not many that will share with you the secrets of Great and durable marriages. 


Questions for couples
What you ABSOLUTELY MUST know about the person you are with. This ebook also comes with afree 300 Days of Questions e-course. 

Intimate questions for Couples
Regardless if you desire deeper intimacy or hotter sex with your beloved, these 500 intimate questions will spark conversations that will bring you both. 

100 Great games for Couples
Research has shown that the intensity and pleasure of orgasms directly correlates with the length and kind of foreplay. This ebook provides fantastic ideas for games that will have the reader having the type of passion and orgasms that they probably have never before experienced.

How to get Her back
Michael Webb holds no punches as he gives men the advice they need to get her back - for good this time. 

How to get Him Back
Michael Webb's proven strategies for getting your man back, even if you have been apart for years. The field is crowded with "Get My Ex Back" ebooks but Michael is the only recognized relationship expert who has written on this topic. 

How to legally save Money on your Divorce

Based on real experiences and interviews this book took 5 years to write and the result is information only available here.


How to orally please a woman in the bedroom
A very tastefully written book to teach men how to give their lady the most amazing oral pleasure (known as cunnilingus). Step by step instructions, tons of special techniques and some of the very best positions. Launching in one weeks time. 

How to orally please a Man in the bedroom
Most men crave a fantastic blow job yet very few women really know how to please their man in this way.  This book give step by step (or blow by blow) techniques on how to give a mind-blowing blow job.

Lovemaking tips and secrets
A  book of lovemaking tips that isn't raunchy or crude. Since it was launched in late 2003, it has been a huge seller. If you have a Christian audience, they will absolutely love it as there aren't any other books on the subject written with Christian morals and values in mind. 

Dirty talk secrets
Best way to add spice to your sex life is with a little sexy talk in the bedroom.  We'll give you the words, phrases and all the secrets you need to know to make your partner explode with ecstasy. 



DVD and Ebook available.

When you receive your own DVD or Digital Edition of
Secrets of Love you will discover:

  • The difference between real love and imitation love
  • The secrets to creating a spiritual partnership for healing past wounds
  • The secrets to releasing the obstacles that keep you from experiencing a deeper and richer love
  • The secrets from over 20 experts on human relations including the legendary Deepak Chopra, the outspoken Marianne Williamson and insights from luminary Dr. John Gray so that you can finally experience Love in a new light of understanding.